Foot Scrub

An effective way to exfoliate the soles and heels of your feet is by using a foot scrub. Foot scrubs can be bought from beauty care shops, or made at home. Foot scrubs are most effective when skin is moist; maybe after a shower or a long swim.

Good foot scrubs contain exfoliating ingredients that slough off dead skin. These exfoliating agents include sea salt, brown sugar, and Epsom salt. They also contain softening agents that leave the feet soft and supple. Moisturizers are essential for a good foot scrub. Foot scrubs are most effective when skin is moist; maybe after a shower or a long swim.

Benefits of Foot Scrubs

Proper use of foot scrubs will bring about various benefits. They will eliminate dead skin, paving way for healthier, cleaner, and more beautiful feet. This in turn gives you confidence when you wear your beautiful sandals. It also neutralizes microorganisms that cause infection and odor. Using a foot scrub can also increase blood circulation throughout your feet. This is important after all the hard work the feet have been subjected to. A foot scrub that is done by a professional will aid in reflexology. This involves targeting particular points of the foot to give healing to other body organs and glands. Muscle pains and stiffness can be eliminated by way of foot scrubs, as scrubbing helps to relax foot muscles. The moisturizing agents in foot scrubs will also keep feet hydrated.

Homemade Foot Scrub

Homemade foot scrubs are preferred by many people, as they get to use cheap, familiar ingredients. The basic idea in making your home-made foot scrub is to ensure that it contains an exfoliating agent, a relaxing and soothing ingredient, and a moisturizing agent. Use the recipe below to make your own foot scrub:

2 tablespoons Epson salt (exfoliating agent)
2 tablespoons Olive oil (moisturizing agent)
1 tablespoon honey (soothing agent)
3 tablespoon lemon juice (mixing agent and chemical exfoliating)

How to prepare
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to form a smooth consistency.

Best Foot Scrubs

village naturals foot scrubVillage Naturals Smoothing Foot Scrub

This is a product by Village Naturals, and it contains Shea Butter as well as essential oils of cucumber and peppermint. The exfoliating ingredient in this product is Pumice Beads. Use of this product yields smooth and polished feet. It is not tested on animals, and none of its ingredients derived from animals. The scrubbing agent is not too rough on the skin, making it ideal for everyday use.


pretty feet foot scrubPretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover

This is a foot scrub that safely removes rough and dry skin on both the feet and the hands. Its exfoliating ingredient is so soft that it can be used for sensitive skin. This exfoliant helps promote cell regeneration by removing dry, flaky skin. This will then reveal soft, touchable skin on both feet and hands. You can use it daily by applying a small amount to feet and hands. Massage till the flaky skin is removed.


tea tree foot scrubTea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub

This tea tree foot scrub is a product by Earth Therapeutics. It contains pumice granules that gently smooth away worn out skin. It is enriched with the antiseptic, deodorizing, and healing properties of Australian Tea Tree Oil. It also contains cooling mint and Wintergreen as well as soothing botanicals to condition and revive dry and flaky skin during exfoliation.


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